You want to get a teenager up and moving, have fun, and get in your work-out…all at once? Nailed it! I came across a fun YouTube dance work-out to the […]

WEEK OF MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 2018 Abby is a 7th grader at GET Middle School.  She spends many hours dancing at Applause and she’s been dancing since the age of […]

WEEK OF MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2017 Lillie is a 7th grader at Holmen Middle school.  She is a dancer at Applause Dance Academy in La Crosse, and she is also […]

WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 Morgan is a sophomore at GET High School in Galesville.  She is on the GET HS Dance team as well as the competition team for […]

WEEK OF JULY 17, 2017 Madalyn will be a fourth grader at Emerson this fall. She has danced since she was two years old. Madalyn currently dances at the Y […]

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