Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Metallica don’t really have much in common other than they both have massive stadium tours coming up. A Metallica fan named Tim won tickets to their show […]

This is too good. The youngest Jonas Brother, Frankie, decided it would be hilarious to go as one of his brothers for Halloween. He was so right! Frankie and his […]

This isn’t Sheila Watko’s first rodeo. The reporter for NBC 10 in Philadelphia has had numerous reports using references go viral over the years. We knew it was coming since […]

As we get closer to the October 21st release date of Taylor’s new album, Midnights, it would be expected that she’d be revealing more details. What wasn’t expected is a […]

The MTV Video Music Awards are coming up Sunday, August 28th, and this is the awards show where your vote counts! MTV encourages fans to vote early and often, up […]

Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from NYU and shared a 23 + minute speech at Yankee Stadium during commencement. She was the first to point out, […]

Virginia Tech researchers discovered 16 different species in the Appalachian Mountains in the US last week. One of those was a twisted-claw millipede, named Nannaria Swiftae by lead author Derek […]

Once again, Taylor Swift did it her way. Instead of the usual two performances that a musical guest does on Saturday Night Live, she did one long one. She did […]

21 year old Carlie Hanson, originally from Onalaska and now living in Los Angeles, has become a huge pop singer who has amassed over 160 million streams and was even […]

In her first Reel on Instagram, Taylor Swift shows off her red collection and proclaims “It’s red season.” The countdown is on to the November 12th re-release of her “Red” […]

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