Flyin’ Solo Or No?

Written by on November 17, 2021

I stumbled across an interesting advice column on Uproxx today. The question was asked to the columnist, “Is it weird to go to concerts alone?’ and of course they answered of course not. He went on to explain that he goes to concerts solo all the time, seeing how being a music critic requires going to shows all the time.

I am completely on board with flying solo in all sorts of activities. Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself? It’s wonderful. In fact, it’s probably preferred way to go to the movies. Same with going to a sit down restaurant or a concert for that matter.

You don’t have to worry about keeping tabs on anyone. All you’re worried about is making sure you have a good time. Now, I can understand where being self-conscious may come in. The thought of, “Someone might notice that I’m here alone and think I’m weird or sad.” Trust me when I say, nobody will notice. And if they ARE thinking that, that’s more of their problem.

So the final verdict: If you wanna fly solo, do it. You may learn something about yourself!

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