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“Giant” and “Venomous” would have been enough to keep me away. But “Flying”? All aboard the train to Nopeville. The “hard to miss” Joro spider have been spotted all over […]

Everyone’s favorite fictional Wisconsin family is back for a new season. Netflix released the trailer for season two of their hit spinoff “That 90’s Show” The first part of the […]

The odds of a wild turkey busting through a window in your home are low. But they’re never zero. Just ask the Nipp family of Apple Valley, Minnesota. Last Thursday, […]

You could ask who makes an appearance in Eminem’s new video for “Houdini”, but it’d be quicker to name who isn’t. You’ll remember a few weeks back, Em posted an […]

In it’s introductory season, PWHL Minnesota turned a lot of heads. First, they broke an attendance record for a women’s hockey game in their home opener. And now, they’re the […]

It’s music festival season and you can safely assume that there will be unlikely surprise appearances and performances. Over the weekend in Napa Valley, Ed Sheeran was brought on stage […]

The word is starting to get out. A list of the “150 Best Places to Live in the U.S.” was published by US News & World Report and a pair […]

I’ve read that headline at least a half dozen times and it’s still not making sense. But it happened. And it was a heck of a lot of fun to […]

Cheaper “Eras Tour” tickets AND a European getaway? Sign us up! As Taylor Swift has brought her massive stadium tour to Europe and beyond, many of her fans have opted […]

Only a few months away from the return of football and the Packers fired up the hype machine by announcing they’ll be squaring off against Philadelphia on week 1 in […]

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