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There’s a trend on TikTok going around where parents are describing a rule that they have that other parents may not agree with. One woman in the discussion starts off saying that when her kids turn 13, they’re allowed to cuss. As long as they use the words in context and they’re no disrespectful to […]

A lot of really cool music released today by some heavy-hitting artists so let’s jump right into the best of whats’ new this week:

Hey Soul Sisters (And brothers)! Ashley for the Arts has just announced that Train will be joining the line up in Arcadia on August 12th! Train is known for their hits like “Drops Of Jupiter”, “Meet Virginia”, “Play That Song” and so many more! This addition is HUGE considering the already stacked bill performing all […]

It would certainly be helpful if could get a break from dilemmas for just a hot second, wouldn’t it? An invasive species of spider called the Large Joro spider is expected to pop up on the east coast this summer. They’ve made sporadic appearances since 2013 but experts are saying that MILLIONS of the spiders […]

A video has gone viral of a little girl in a Ukrainian bomb shelter singing “Let It Go”.  Her name is Amelia and she’s so good everyone in the place stops what they’re doing to listen.

We all know someone who just HAS to share their Wordle score the second the solve the daily puzzle. “Oh. You got it in three guesses? Congratulations, I guess.” Sorry. I’m terrible at Wordle and it always takes me to the sixth guess to get it. But, someone scoured 200,000 Wordle score posts to find […]

A lot of work goes into planning every little detail of a wedding. But even with all that preparation, things can still go very wrong. And one of the biggest wild card of any wedding reception is the toast. Now, working as a wedding DJ for several years I’ve heard everything from the heart-warming, the […]

In the spring of 2020, Billie Eilish was forced to cancel her first arena tour due to Covid. And now things have picked back up and she’s back on the road. On her YouTube page, she’s released a behind the scenes look at her first show back in New Orleans. Take a look!

While walking the red carpet at the Dior fashion show in Paris recently, someone in the crowd took it upon themselves to let Rihanna know that she was late. Without missing a beat, she responded: Rihanna is NEVER late. Everyone else was just early.

I really have to hand it to the folks over at Rolling Stone Magazine. They set out to rank every single of the 170 songs Britney Spears has released. Picking the best one though? That’s like trying to choose your favorite child. Heck, picking your favorite child may even be easier than trying to find […]

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