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Whew. Tons of new Star Wars news to report today! Good Morning America reported that 3 new live-action Star Wars films were announced by Lucasarts President Kathleen Kennedy at the […]

No question that Adele has been fairly busy lately. She’s wrapping up her Vegas residency soon, although she made the announcement that she’ll be returning to Sin City in June […]

Talk about a diamond in the…rough. Workers at a wastewater treatment plant in the Twin Cities found a diamond ring in their facility and now are trying to track down […]

Well I guess one advantage of not making the playoffs this season is more time for improvements to Lambeau. Work is currently underway at 1265 Lombardi in Green Bay as […]

Politicians gonna politician, I guess. Right now, there’s a bill in the North Carolina legislature that sets to end awarding trophies and ribbons for children that simply participate in sporting […]

It’s becoming more and more clear that the kids are alright. Cincinnati resident Sandy Wooten posted on Facebook recently that as she was driving, her tire blew. As she was […]

Over the course of a three hour concert, there is going to be the need for a breather. But picking which song to go the bathroom or buying merch during […]

This is why baseball is so cool. St Paul native, Gus Varland has had a long journey on his way to the big leagues. Back in 2018, he was drafted […]

Over the years a Twin Cities non-profit, Can-Do Canines, has aided 800 people by matching dogs with folks in need of their services. The organization has brought 60-100 dogs into […]

And it is a doozy! Wisconsin music fans woke up Thursday morning to fantastic news that they lineup to the party of the summer was released and there is a […]

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