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Letting 20 percent of your employees couldn’t have been an easy decision for Peloton. But in that decision, maybe take a second to read the room? Former employees were offered a severance package which included a one-year subscription to their service. Which is valued at $500. Peloton was notably doing quite well early on in […]

When the Oscar nominations are announced, the nominations for the “Golden Raspberries” are usually close behind. The Razzies celebrate the worst of film for the year and Bruce Willis did so many bad movies in 2021, they decided to dedicate an entire category to his work. In the “Worst Performances By Bruce Willis” category, the […]

Billie Eilish kicked off her Happier Than Ever tour last week and it’s set to hit venues all across the US this spring. Night two of the run came to a sudden stop in Atlanta has she noticed a fan in the crowd that needed help. The distressed fan explained that she needed an inhaler. […]

To say the least. A woman in Ireland was in the market for a couch after her dog destroyed her old one. After a bit of browsing, she found something reasonable. They didn’t anything was up until she lost her remote for the first time. Her boyfriend dug in the couch and came out with […]

Nominees for the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced yesterday. There are seven FIRST-TIME nominees . . . Carly Simon . . . Dolly Parton . . . Duran Duran . . . Beck . . . Lionel Richie . . . A Tribe Called Quest . . . and Eminem To be […]

Last weekend, most of the east coast was getting socked by the Noreaster. Some areas saw upwards of two feet of snow. A woman in Boston decided to ride the storm out at her boyfriend’s place and the next morning, woke up to texts from her roommates, saying that their house was freezing. The roommates […]

A survey was conducted in the UK that asked what commonly used phrases should be eliminated from the English language. And looking at the list, quite a few of them are quite outdated: 1.  A flash in the pan 2.  Dead as a doornail 3.  Beating a dead horse 4.  Toe the line 5.  Drop […]

I know. I’m just as shocked as you are that I even had that thought. The makers of Hormel Chili unveiled a chili cheese KEG and want to hook someone up with it, just in time for your Super Bowl party. This bad boy holds 15 GALLONS of the dip (or roughly 1,000 servings). That […]

After the Packers lost to San Francisco in the playoffs, the internet was quick to crack about Aaron Rodgers and his various opinions on the pandemic. Aziz Ansari released a new special on Netflix called, “Nightclub Comedian” and had a slightly more sympathetic take on the quarterback. (Some strong language. NSFW)

You already know Tove Lo from her hits “Habits”, “Talking Body” and countless dark, pop bangers. So it’s not too surprising to hear that she released a song that’s very much on brand with not only her sound, but that was featured on the season 2 soundtrack of HBO’s “Euphoria”. Seriously, this is incredible!

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