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Since the introduction of international NFL games, there has only been one team in the league that hasn’t played overseas. Until now that is. (It’s a little suspect that Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams are not featured this photo. Probably nothing to read into or anything) Overall, player reaction has been pretty positive: I’m pretty […]

If you follow the WWE, you know that we’re on the Road to Wrestlemania so I was super pumped to have the chance to speak with Superstar Drew Mcintyre. We chatted about his memoir “A Chosen Journey”, which is now available in paperback, how he got into the business and much more. Take a listen!

It’s pretty comforting to know that Twitter isn’t just folks screaming into the void. Every once in awhile you’re able to come across very cool content. For example, a thread from Conde Vast Traveller that came out today that lists the best bars in the world. On National Margarita Day, no less. I’ll give you […]

Kanye “Ye” West can’t seem to keep himself out of hot water lately. Whether it’s going on bizarre Instagram tirades or charging fans 200 bucks to get “Donda 2” on his exclusive streaming device, now the Los Angeles PD is claiming they may have enough evidence to charge the rapper with assault after an incident […]

I don’t know if I would really want to know how an Uber/Lyft driver rated me as a passenger. But Uber has changed their policy on letting their customers look at how drivers have rated them. According to The Verge: To access the Privacy Center and ratings breakdown in the app, go to the settings […]

While it’s pretty weird for strangers to offer their opinions about a celebrity break up, I have to admit, some of the replies on TMZ’s Twitter page have been kinda entertaining: And probably my favorite:

One solid thing about Valentines Day being done, there’s at least a ton of candy sales. Also, you’re not being bombarded with posts from happy couples on social media. For the last 20 years or so, the day after Valentines has been deemed Singles Awareness Day. And just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you’re alone. […]

Now, I have to preface this by telling you, use this playlist responsibly. If you’re not careful, it could lead to prolonged make out sessions this Valentines Day. But if that’s what you’re looking for, have at it.

Every time the “The Big Game” rolls around, I seem to find more things in the “Con” column than in the “Pro”. There’s just so much that actually annoys me about the whole thing. So please indulge me as I air several grievances. The Game- The team that I root for will never make it […]

Is it June 10th yet?! The “epic conclusion” to the Jurassic World series hits theaters this summer and this looks so cool! What’s not to love? Chris Pratt, being chased by dinosaurs while on a motorcycle? I’m in. And of course, some familiar faces from the original Jurassic Park films pop up in the trailer. […]

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