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A lot of dog owners let their dogs sleep with them and when you roll over, half-asleep, and feel fur, you’d assume it’s one of your dogs. Well, a couple in Georgia had that experience, but when the sun came up, they realized a stranger’s dog had joined them in the middle of the night!

In 1984 Drew Barrymore starred in the original movie, based on Stephen King’s novel ‘Firestarter’. 38 years later the movie is making a comeback. Spoiler alert, Drew doesn’t play the little girl in this one. So, is this considered a remake or a reboot? Doesn’t matter. Zac Efron’s abs are in it, so I’m here […]

A pretty solid addition to the Star Wars Day festivities! The latest trailer for the Obi-Wan limited series was released today and it looks incredible. The series set for release on May 27th on Disney+. Seriously, check this thing out:

95.7 The Rock’s Rock Foundation hosts an annual motorcycle ride and fundraiser to help a child in need, and make their wish come true. Big Bikes for Little Tikes is Saturday, May 14 and this year, it’s a ‘Ride for Rhett’. 5-year-old Rhett Carroll of Harmony, Minnesota was diagnosed with a rare childhood tumor, Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor(MRT). […]

When Daniel Radcliffe was first cast as Weird Al for the Roku movie, I couldn’t see it. Then they released a picture and I was on board. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is coming this fall and now we have a trailer. One thing I didn’t expect was Daniel flashing his 6 pack! Looks fun […]

Your Green Bay Packers set for a couple different firsts in 2022. It was announced earlier that they’re heading to London for a regular season game. And Monday it was announced that Lambeau will host an exhibition soccer match between two pro teams. On July 23rd, FC Bayern will be squaring up against Manchester City […]

A dress so fragile “it has to be stored in a temperature controlled vault and is typically handled with gloves,” according to PEOPLE. Kim Kardashian had the honor of wearing the iconic dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in 1962 when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy. On Instagram, Kim described it as […]

Black leaders Acquiring Collective Knowledge is a local non-profit with the mission to elevate and empower the Black Community in the city of La Crosse. They have a fundraiser this weekend to raise money to send their middle and high school students on college tours throughout the south, and future programming for the organization. B.L.A.C.K. […]

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one obsessed with Amazon. I have been loving all the Amazon fashion for Spring. The quality is not only comparable to high-end fashion brands, but the prices are so affordable. And the best part is all the pieces I’m sharing are Amazon prime so they’ll be at your […]

When it comes to reboots and spin-offs of classic movies or TV, it’s pretty easy for me to pass on it. But with the news of the original cast of That 70’s Show set to appear on the Netflix show, “That 90’s Show”, this has my attention. According To Deadline: In what has been labeled […]

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