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Normally, when we see a headline that reads, “So and So tweeted this ten years ago and…” that individual is on their way to being cancelled. Not the case with […]

Kevin Hart is a funny dude and now he’s getting a high honor for his humor! The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced that it will present […]

What’s not to love in the new trailer for Madame Web? There’s action, bada$$ women, comic book lore, and Billie Eilish on the soundtrack! The movie synopsis declares: “Meanwhile, in […]

I don’t know which is worse. Not knowing that you can drive to Alaska or that more than one person didn’t have this information. About a month ago, TikToker Sabriena […]

Travis and Jason Kelce’s new Christmas song is now available. The football player brothers recorded the song with other members of the Philadelphia Eagles. The song is about two people fighting, […]

Consider this your “cruise-era” The travel agency, Marvelous Mouse Travels is organizing a “Taylor Swift-Themed” cruise that’s set to sail in October 2024. Unfortunately, Tay isn’t involved in the adventure. […]

Local author Lisa David Olson has a new book coming out, From the Spotlight to Real Life: Tips from the stage to reignite teams and spark communication skills. Pre-order on […]

Consider adding beef to your holiday meals for an extra boost of protein and savory flavor! Here are some ideas on recipes and also how to save money this holiday […]

Who said no one writes letters any more? Krystel Alston and Haley Briggs have been corresponding with one another since they were paired as pen pals back in 1980. The […]

We don’t know how this is possible, but Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP came out 10 years ago this week! She’s got big plans for celebrating, including a special album drop in […]

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