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A hypothetical question has been trending on TikTok asking what would your last meal look like. The question itself is a little morbid, considering we don’t like to think about […]

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to attend music’s biggest night in person, but your singer-songwriter skills are severely lacking. Well, now’s our chance to make it happen! The […]

Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with the Jonas Brothers for her own popcorn flavor, Kelly’s Classic BBQ. The brothers launched their Rob’s Backstage Popcorn brand in 2021. You can buy […]

For the first time in franchise history, the Green Bay Packers have hired a female as an athletic trainer on a full time basis. Erin Roberge is a UW-Madison graduate […]

The horror Twitterverse has been praising how terrifying it is, and recommending that the faint of heart abstain from watching. The lo-fi indie debut from Kyle Edward Ball, filmed in […]

Sharper, starring Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Justice Smith, Briana Middleton, and John Lithgow, premieres in select theaters on February 10 and will be available on Apple TV+ on February 17. […]

Still looking for your dream job? No need to hire a life coach; take some expert advice from Lauren Ash! Lauren is a celebrity astrologer and lifestyle writer. She writes […]

You may say they’re lucky. You may even say their success this season was fraudulent. But even with all the noise, you can’t discount that they made history. And the […]

The newly crowned Miss America, Grace Stanke, will join the Onalaska Show Choir Classic, at Onalaska High School, as a guest judge, performer, and more. Show choirs from Iowa, Minnesota, […]

The record-breaking 1997 film Titanic is heading back to theaters next month to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the epic romance. They’ve done some restoration on the 3+ hour movie […]

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