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The 16th annual Earth Fair hosted by the Sustainability Institute is on Sunday, April 28th from 11am to 4PM. This year’s FREE family-friendly event is held in Myrick Park with […]

Personally, I feel like they should have been happy that Lana stuck around longer than advertised. Organizers of the Coachella Music Festival may be fined $28,000 after Lana Del Rey’s […]

A mother and digital creator in the Philippines, Bea Fabregas, has had a couple of viral videos, but her latest is one of the biggest, and possibly cutest! It shows […]

I guess millennials are going to have to get used to aspects of their lives being considered nostalgia. Tiffany Zhong has spent the better part of ten years studying social […]

When Jess Randall was a junior at Onalaska High School, she read an article that informed her how many sexual assault survivors leave the ER in paper scrubs. This information […]

Have you ever been walking in the woods and see a bee’s hive? And have you ever thought, “I’m going to throw a rock at that beehive.”? Of course not. […]

The Today Show weatherman writes murder mystery novels? I had no idea! We’ve known Al Roker as the weatherman on the Today Show for 28 years, but he’s also an […]

They’ve been talking about it for at least a year. There’s been rumblings for a month that plans are in motion, and yesterday Netflix announced the GROAT will be live […]

Ryan Reynolds begged Hugh Jackman for years to resurrect Wolverine for this movie and it is finally happening! Deadpool & Wolverine are best frenimies in the new movie, due in […]

Over the weekend, actor Kevin Bacon returned to Payson High School in Utah to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his cult classic movie, “Footloose”. “What started as lighthearted appeals on […]

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