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I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Part of me thinks it’s pretty amazing and fun. The other part of me is mortified at the thought of people being able to snap photos of anything and everything without being noticed. Facebook introduces the Ray Ban Stories smart glasses. Available for $299, the glasses, […]

If you’re looking for activities for your young kiddos, WisCorps can help! Their Nature School Day Camp for ages 3-6 are back every weekday afternoon. We caught up with WisCorps Environmental Education Manager, Stephanie Hanna, to learn more about WisCorps and this program: Grab the FAQ and registration info HERE or reach out to Steph […]

Hey beauty lovers! I’m sharing the staples in my makeup collection for Fall. Each season I like to change up my makeup. For instance, when it comes to Falls, I want to use a lot of hydration on my skin. In Summer, I gravitate more towards mattifying products. Based on the season, I also like […]

Remember when you decided to cut the cord and you thought you’d save a bunch of money. But then your favorite shows would leave the streaming service, and you’d sub to a new one. And pretty soon you’re subscribed to 5 or 6 different services and you’re spending the same or more as cable. It […]

Kate Lopas and John Kakacek found the 2021 Oktoberfest Medallion Monday morning under a bridge by the Marsh Trails near the Kwik Trip Distribution Center. Kate & John will collect the prize package, which includes $500 cash and a souvenir medallion from Satori Arts. Congrats Kate and John! Here’s the rules and the clues from […]

Perez Hilton is the original influencer! He’s run his world famous website, PerezHilton.com for nearly two decades. We caught up with the groundbreaking innovator again, to talk about being a working dad (his middle kiddo was born in La Crosse!) celeb gossip, and becoming a new co-owner of My True Ten CBD gummies. Perez has […]

Doja Cat released her cosmetics line over the weekend with BH Cosmetics, and it looks amazing! A lot of variety and we’re loving the low prices too! Prices range from $9 to $18 with a variety of eye shadow, blush, lip gloss, mascara, and more. Shop the collection here. View this post on Instagram A […]

The cast of Bridesmaids celebrated the 10th anniversary of the movie’s release with a Zoom reunion. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Rose Byrne, and Annie Mumolo got the gang back together for some fun. They talked about the things they each want to focus on, including teaming up with I Am A […]

Congratulations to your new Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest, Maddie Adickes! A registered nurse and a graduate of Viterbo University, Maddie Adickes competed in the Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Scholarship Program on September 11 at The Weber Center of Performing Arts. She and 6 other locals hoped to be our next representative, but only one could take the crown. […]

Shawn Mendes seems like such a sweet, honest, guy…but now there’s proof! Vanity Fair did an interview with Shawn Mendes and he willingly took a polygraph test during the interview. We learned some very interesting things about Shawn. Everything from his friendship with Hailey Bieber to his romance with Camila Cabello, his thoughts on Taylor […]

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