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The home of the Minnesota Vikings already has a pretty stacked concert schedule in the near future. Taylor Swift in June, Red Hot Chili Peppers in April, Metallica in August […]

I love Kelly Clarkson and her talk show is so much fun! We’re only a few days into the new year and she’s already had some incredible moments on her […]

New Year, new beef. The Hugh Jackman/Ryan Reynolds “feud” isn’t letting up anytime soon. This time Hugh asked The Academy not to validate Ryan by giving them an Oscar for […]

A fan shared with Lewis Capaldi that their dad saw him on TV, and thought he was America’s Got Talent Scottish singer Susan Boyle. Um…. Lewis had a pretty great […]

Turns out, Taylor Swift isn’t the only insanely rich member of her household. According to The Ultimate Pet Rich List: the Richest Pets in the World, her kitty, Olivie Benson, […]

It’s officially soup season and I am sharing two of my favorite chili recipes of all time😍 It’s the perfect time of the year as the temps cool down to […]

So picture this: You’re at your favorite spot, enjoying a cocktail, waiting to ring in the new year. When out of the corner of your eye, you spot a familiar […]

In 2019, we enjoyed the UW-Madison Varsity Marching Band at Holmen High School. It was an absolute blast and they were so amazing and a lot of fun! They’re coming […]

ICYMI, Paris Hilton was on Miley Cyrus NYE special… and performed! Does she have a new song out that she debuted to ring in the new year? Nope, it was […]

Although he’s the grumpiest man, he is still Tom Hanks, and is able to steal our hearts in this trailer. Basing my reaction off the trailer alone, I’m gonna need […]

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