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It’s always in the back of your mind. When you stay in a hotel, you’re thinking about bed bugs. Checking under the sheets, checking the mattress, thinking about how clean the room actually is. Well, Orkin released their list of the top 50 Bed Bug cities for 2019. It’s based on treatment data where Orkin […]

Instead of focusing on shaving, the new Gillette video takes another look at their famous tagline, “The Best a Man Can Get.” It makes a pretty powerful statement about our current culture and what we can do to change it.  

We know what it’s like. Being your best self is harder than it sounds and that’s why we’d love to help you crush your 2019 goals! Win a 16 week NuYou weight loss program, complete with pharmaceutical grade multi vitamins, 2 nutritional supplements daily, as well as one year’s maintenance to help you stay on […]

In a new report that surprises no one, Disney is interested in doing another Mary Poppins movie. P.L. Travers authored many books with the title character, so there’s plenty of stories to build on. The AVClub had some pretty funny ideas for the titles, check out their story HERE

IMDB, the #1 movie website in the world, announced the launch of IMDb Freedive, a free streaming video channel available on the IMDb website via laptop or PC and on all Amazon Fire TV devices. IMDb Freedive, an ad-supported channel, enables customers to watch hit TV shows and movies with their free IMDB account.

Lights, fancy outfits, and awards. Oh my! Many say that the Critics’ Choice Awards are a preview for the Oscars. If so, here’s who you should put your money on February 24th! There were TWO ties last night: Lady Gaga and Glenn Close tied for Best Actress, and Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette tied for Best […]

You could win a pair of sold out VIP Hairball tickets! Jen O. will be broadcasting live at Festival Foods in the Village on Friday, January 18 from 4 to 6 pm. Stop in to enter and try the NEW Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel. For even more chances, enter at the Mtn Dew Amp […]

When Ariana Grande was 8 years old, she wanted to audition for Annie in her local musical.  Her mother didn’t want her to be at rehearsals alone, and parents weren’t allowed to be there unless they were part of the musical so…her mom auditioned to be in the show with her! Wow!  Her mom ended […]

LA-based actor and YouTuber Anna Brisbin taught her dog, named after Professor Remus Lupin, to respond to Harry Potter spells and it’s adorable!

It’s National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.) today! We decided to call the La Crosse PD’s non-emergency line to send our love! {nmap}normal|450|65|images/mp3/Z93LCPDCall.mp3|||{/nmap}  According to C.O.P.S. you can show your support in a number of ways: • Change your profile picture on social media to the .jpg image. You can get it HERE• Wear blue clothing in […]


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