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Nashville, known as music city, is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, live music in every bar on Broadway, and home to mind-blowing southern food and delicious drinks. Nashville has been on Noah, and I’s travel list for a long time. I love a good deal, so I have had […]

Have you ever opened your mailbox expecting lame credit card offers only to find a dryer sheet in there, too? I haven’t, but apparently it’s a thing. A letter carrier posted on Reddit in the You Should Know section that it repels wasps and, honestly, it’s kind of genius! Apparently, some letter carriers put them […]

Lily James would not be the first person I would think of to portray Pamela Anderson but somehow, it works! The resemblance is uncanny! It’s the first look at Hulu’s limited series “Pam and Tommy.” Starring Lily James as Pamela and Sebastian Stan as Tommy, “according to Variety, the series will cover the infamous couple’s rocky […]

Olivia Rodrigo’s smash hit “Drivers License” has given so many of us so many feels. It’s a heart breaker, for sure, but it seems dogs aren’t immune to the sadness. TikTok user roobytuesdays posted a compilation of her golden retriever really feelin’ it. She doesn’t sing like this to other songs, this one apparently hits […]

It’s National Tourism Day so we wanted to get expert advice on summer travel trends for you, especially in Wisconsin! We spoke with Anne Sayers, the Acting Secretary of the WI Dept. of Tourism to get all the goods: You can find all kinds of great travel ideas in Wisco at TravelWisconsin.com including restaurants, hiking, […]

The word cheugy, pronounced choogy, describes millennials who are untrendy, outdated, or trying too hard. It’s another way to say “basic”. Gen Z has taken this to a whole new level on social media. And now everyone is asking the question…am I a cheug? @rod the update you didn’t want but you need ##millennial ##thoughts […]

I can’t even remember what I did yesterday and this guy is memorizing 200 different handshakes to make his students feel appreciated and special. Wow. Teachers are incredible heroes, and this guy is certainly one of them! View this post on Instagram A post shared by David Jamison (@thedopeeducator) David Jamison is a 5th grade […]

Brian Burns posted a few Tweets on Saturday to celebrate his mom’s birthday. One of which featured a pic of her trying, and presumably failing, to get a photo from John Mayer Happy birthday to my mother, seen here begging John Mayer’s manager for a photo on the streets of New York in 2005. pic.twitter.com/j9KJXpyL4w […]

This concept certainly isn’t new but the reactions always get me. I’ve seen people turn recipes into backsplashes, framed art, and projections in the past. This family turned “Granma’s Chicken Salad” recipe into wallpaper in their pantry and her reaction to the sight was so sweet! View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]

I personally don’t know much about the American fashion designer, Halston, but I know that Ewan McGregor‘s adaptation is captivating! Roy Halston Frowick, more commonly known as Halston, was an American fashion designer who became an international sensation in the 1970s. According to Wikipedia, Halston achieved great fame after designing the pillbox hat Jacqueline Kennedy wore to her […]

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