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A ghost story without the gory, We Have a Ghost seems to choose humor over horror. The movie, out today on Netflix, stars Isabella Russo, Erica Ash, Christopher Landon, Jahi […]

Charlotte’s Bridal & Formal Wear has been a staple of Wedding World for years and will join us, once again, on Sunday, March 5, at the La Crosse Center’s beautiful […]

After the round of snow we dealt with over the past few days, we’re a little sore and wholly just tired of winter, right? Well not as tired as 6-year-old […]

We love Lizzo, like major fans of pretty much everything she does. This week, that includes being on Sesame Street. Elmo brought her a flute made of cookies to play, […]

Keira Knightley is on the hunt for one of the most notorious serial killers in history, in the Hulu’s Boston Strangler. She plays newspaper reporter Loretta McLaughlin, the first journalist to connect […]

I highly recommend a spontaneous staycation in downtown La Crosse! Our beautiful area has so much to offer and The Charmant Hotel captures the unique beauty of Lacrosse and is […]

Back in December, 47-year-old Elvis Francois from St. Maarten was working on his boat when the weather took a turn and sent him drifting out to sea. He was stranded […]

Katy Perry Collections has launched a new line with Peeps. Yes, the Easter marshmallow candies! The line drops today, and you can shop it here! View this post on Instagram […]

A recent post on TikTok is going viral of a mom explaining it’s easier to go to work than stay at home with her kids. She splits her time where […]

There’s nothing like it. Jumping into the icy cold water in the middle of winter, for a fantastic cause. The adrenaline rush is unmatched! Polar Plunge is coming up Saturday, March 4 […]

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