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A bracket, a huge dice, and the odds were on her side! Congrats to Lisa Ira who scored herself an epic trip from Mountain Dew and Gillette Pepsi of La Crosse. This was a “choose your adventure” opportunity. Lisa was given the option of Vegas, Colorado, or Miami. Each trip includes two Dew excursions, airfare […]

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery chain known for constantly launching new limited edition items, low prices on healthy food, and a variety of healthy allergen-free food. ​Since I have switched to a gluten-free lifestyle I am constantly on the hunt for tasty GF foods. Trader Joe’s is a quick hour drive from Lacrosse and […]

Here’s some good news for Minnesota breweries and GREAT news for Minnesota beer aficionados. As of Monday, you can again buy growlers at the state’s larger breweries and six packs to-go at the smaller taprooms. It’s been the largest change in Minnesota liquor law since they approved the off-sale of spirits on Sundays a few […]

We’ve waited years, literally, to find out what the Stranger Things gang is up to next. In other trailers, we’ve learned some updates, which I won’t spoil here, but still have lots of questions left unanswered. Volume one hits Netflix on Friday with seven episodes and Volume two, drops July 1st, with two episodes. They’ve […]

Ashley Graham is all about body positivity. The mom of 3 has launched a line of intimate wear for sizes XS-XXXXL++! It’s hard to find a bra and underwear that fit correctly AND are actually comfortable. Ashley believes they’ve accomplished that, and I’m here for it! The company’s website describes the brand; “It’s time that […]

During her show in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday night, Halsey stopped her performance to address a situation in the crowd. TMZ reported that there appeared to be an incident between several concertgoers. Halsey told her crew to stop the song. After it settled, Halsey then spoke to the crowd, saying quote: “While I […]

Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from NYU and shared a 23 + minute speech at Yankee Stadium during commencement. She was the first to point out, “I’m 90% sure the main reason I’m here is because I have a song called 22.” Taylor shared her journey and some obligatory life advice, […]

I’m a big fan of Jennifer Lopez. She’s so talented and absolutely stunning. Jen is getting raw with her fans in ‘Halftime’, her documentary that’s headed to Netflix. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at her life as a superstar, and all that comes with it. And yes, Ben Affleck makes an appearance too! ‘Halftime’ premieres June […]

Don Gorske of Fond Du Lac has hit a pretty impressive milestone. Tuesday, he celebrated 50 years of eating a Big Mac nearly every day. Mr. Gorske also holds the Guiness World record for most Big Macs consumed, with a tally that has reached over 30,000 as of December of last year. He says he […]

A Twitter user asked Cardi how she changes diapers with her nails, saying “I got on press ons struggling” Cardi made a whole dang video with a teddy bear to demonstrate and was adorably interrupted by her 3 year old daughter, Kulture. Okay girl sooo I just made a whole video 🤣😂😂Trust me you will […]

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