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We know you’ve been waiting for this one. And it’s been since *checks notes* 2019?! Season four of the Netflix thriller, “You” releasing part 1 on February 9th (part 2 […]

Just picture it. Miles of open road. While you’re behind the wheel of a gigantic hot dog. And it could be a reality. The iconic brand Oscar Mayer is looking […]

The home of the Minnesota Vikings already has a pretty stacked concert schedule in the near future. Taylor Swift in June, Red Hot Chili Peppers in April, Metallica in August […]

So picture this: You’re at your favorite spot, enjoying a cocktail, waiting to ring in the new year. When out of the corner of your eye, you spot a familiar […]

2022 will probably be remembered for a lot of things. A lot of things that I can’t remember off the top of my head. We had an election. And….other stuff? […]

One does not simply argue with the Mayor of Flavortown. The food blog, Mashed,has compiled a list of Guy Fieri’s best Diner, Drive-In, and Dive in each of the 50 […]

You always love to see stories like this! Callie Blue is a waitress at Gus’s Diner in Sun Prairie and got quite the gift on Christmas Day. Early Sunday morning, […]

The University of Wisconsin-Madison 2022 winter graduates were treated to a commencement speech from one of their own on Sunday. Wisconsin funnyman, and member of the class of 2009, Charlie […]

On Sunday, Grantsburg resident D.J. Ryan had seen a Facebook post about a horse that had gone missing from a local farm. The post had asked if anyone seen the […]

This was too good to not share. Clearly talent runs deep in the Hart household. On Tuesday night, Pink shared a video of her daughter Willow performing the Olivia Rodrigo […]

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