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On Saturday, Lil Wayne brought back his “Lil WeezyAna” music festival to The Big Easy and some huge names performed on the bill. With the likes of Rick Ross, Quavo […]

Looking for a frightfully good time this weekend? Check out the Spooktacular Haunted House at Bauer’s Market and Garden Center! Jesse spoke with Shane and got the inside scoop on […]

It’s comforting to know that the Internet is still a weird and wonderful place. HBO’s hit series, “House Of The Dragon” wrapped it’s first season on Sunday and it’s fans […]

The cancellation of Saturday’s “When We Were Young” Festival in Vegas left concertgoers (and bands) scrambling to make alternate plans. Scheduled performers played shows at venues around town. Some fans […]

The absolute effort it took to pull this off is unbelievable. If you need a chuckle today, check this out:

If you’ve been to Lambeau, a pretty big aspect of game day is having a beer or two (or three). But John Plageman had the idea of providing a different […]

Blink 182’s original lineup of Mark, Tom and Travis has officially reunited after nearly a decade. And they made the announcement official this morning via social media. DeLonge stepped away […]

I’ve found that while working on projects, the best ideas have come while in the shower. And if you have ever had a eureka moment while showering, a new study […]

When you go to a sporting event, it’s a foregone conclusion that the game will be held at “Cryptocurrency Field”. But Lambeau Field has held onto it’s namesake since 1965 […]

Out of all the condiments out there, ranch dressing has a very loyal fan base. But you’re probably not aware of just HOW loyal. We’re talking, “I just tried ranch […]

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