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By now, you’ve probably seen a video or two of someone who’s a little groggy coming out of surgery. The things that they say while the drugs are wearing off […]

58 year old Tami Manis of Knoxville, Tennessee has just made her way into the record books. With her mullet that she has been growing for the last 33 years. […]

So it’s last call and that stranger down the bar is starting to look mighty good. You used to be able to chalk that up to “beer goggles”, but it […]

It’s certainly a busy time of year as students return to the University of Wisconsin campus. Madison police were just as busy as they seized over 100 fake id’s in […]

It’s the pettiness for me. If there’s still some hard feelings over Aaron Rodgers leaving the green and gold for New York, you may as well turn that into having […]

A rare sight is for Wednesday night as a Blue “Supermoon” is set to make appearance. Now, it’s the second full moon that’s popped up in August, making it a […]

This was not news I expected to see today. But given the success of “Barbie” at the box office, it makes total sense. The Danish group Aqua announced on Instagram […]

Angelina Murphy made a post on TikTok recently that explained an usual ritual that she and her husband take part in and it drove their followers CRAZY! Angelina expressed in […]

Now, we missed live music quite a bit during the pandemic. But did we miss it enough to roll the dice on Fyre Festival Part 2? Because, it’s a thing […]

Sure, cheese is still king around these parts. But the beef stick isn’t too far behind. Spectators traveled to Wenzel’s Farm in Marshfield over the weekend to witness history: The […]

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