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It’s normal to travel to famous movie sites to take a selfie or just experience being there. It’s completely another to disrupt the lives who live near these sites. I […]

Students from Ukraine were able to get a change of scenery this week as they checked out the Minnesota State Fair. They’re visiting through a youth leadership program, where they’re […]

When it comes to summer music festivals, it’s all about the big name artists and the moments that they create. It’s quickly become the go-to move to bring out a […]

I didn’t expect scrolling aimlessly through TikTok would send me on this path today but here we go. So first, this post came through my For You Page: Okay! Gravy […]

Inflation has been a menace and streaming services keep raising their prices. So now, millennials are turning to a not-so-new medium: Over The Air TV. According to the New York […]

The headline says it all. And the whole time you’re watching the video, there are a lot of questions that run through your head. First off: WHY? Second: Was this […]

When it comes to songwriting, it’s safe to say that Taylor Swift has a grasp on the subject. Being able to tell the stories she does and using the English […]

Whenever the Brewers hit a home run, Bernie Brewer shoots down the slide in left field. He’s done it a billion times. Perhaps we should leave the sliding to the […]

It certainly seems that all those years being under the wing of Mr Feeny has worked out. Ben Savage has filed to run as a candidate for West Hollywood City […]

Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak A.K.A Silk Sonic surprised their fans on Saturday when they took the stage at an afterparty, following their performance in Vegas. Showing up and playing […]

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