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According to Bloomberg, Bad Bunny became the biggest pop artist in the world in 2020. There was certainly no shortage of competition with Taylor Swift releasing two record-breaking albums, Dua Lipa claimed the best new artist at the Grammy’s and BTS sweeping the world with their latest album. But did you know that Bad Bunny […]

Lana Del Rey set to release a new full-length album, “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” on March 19th. Ahead of her release, a new video has dropped. It’s got a very laidback 60’s vibe and is VERY Lana. Check out the video below. Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” continues to dominate the Billboard Top 200. Now that […]

Music certainly has the power to make us feel all the ways. Buzzfeed recently asked it’s readers what songs they listen to when they feel overwhelmed and want to calm down. The list ranged from everything from “What a Wonderful World” by Lewis Armstrong to “Welcome to the Black Parade” from My Chemical Romance. The […]

Miley covers…wait…who?! Find out in this Z93 Pop News Minute with Jesse

Has Taylor Swift cursed a sports franchise?! Find out about this about more in a new Z93 Pop News Minute with Jesse

New year, NEW Z93 POP NEWS MINUTE with Jesse!

BTS hits number one, a very cool collaboration in the works and MORE!

Taylor Swift continues to dominate and Harry Styles could be joined by a special guest in his new video!

A beginners guide to everything Festivus! By now, you’ve seen posts on social media wishing you a Happy Festivus, and you have no idea what this person is on about. Well, thankfully you’ve got me to explain the in’s and outs what this fictional holiday is all about. First, some history. On December 18, 1997 […]

Turns out pop icons are NOT immune from the year 2020 (Images courtesy AP NEWSROOM)

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