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The absolute effort it took to pull this off is unbelievable. If you need a chuckle today, check this out:

If you’ve been to Lambeau, a pretty big aspect of game day is having a beer or two (or three). But John Plageman had the idea of providing a different […]

Blink 182’s original lineup of Mark, Tom and Travis has officially reunited after nearly a decade. And they made the announcement official this morning via social media. DeLonge stepped away […]

I’ve found that while working on projects, the best ideas have come while in the shower. And if you have ever had a eureka moment while showering, a new study […]

When you go to a sporting event, it’s a foregone conclusion that the game will be held at “Cryptocurrency Field”. But Lambeau Field has held onto it’s namesake since 1965 […]

Out of all the condiments out there, ranch dressing has a very loyal fan base. But you’re probably not aware of just HOW loyal. We’re talking, “I just tried ranch […]

Well, if this isn’t a surefire way to get through a case of the Mondays, I don’t know what is. The trailer to the highly anticipated sequel of Marvel’s Black […]

OK. Didn’t expect to see this today. But the teaser trailer for Deadpool 3 dropped Tuesday afternoon and…ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME?!?! Seriously. Watch this and wait until the end.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The weekend we look forward to all year long. Oktoberfest. But it can be a lot for the uninitiated. So as we […]

Well, that’s a bummer. Rumors were swirling that Taylor Swift was tapped to play the Super Bowl Halftime Show this February, but alas our hopes were dashed. Taylor fans were […]

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