There is a lot of superstitions and folklore about entering a new year. Perhaps we didn’t do enough of these at this time last year? Here’s some of my favorite things that are said to bring good luck in the new year: Let it out! Opening all doors and windows just before midnight lets the […]

Dating is harder than ever, and maybe in 2020, you’ve had more bad experiences. It’s been proven that your mindset has a direct impact on your overall well being and your dating mindset is no different. I found an awesome article from Psychology Today with some really good ideas on how to maintain some positive […]

Saturday Night Live returns tomorrow night for their Season 46 premiere with Chris Rock as the host and musical guest Megan Thee Stallion. Yesterday, SNL dropped a promo to finally give us a look at how Jim Carrey will look as Joe Biden! Especially the ending with the sunglasses, he looks pretty similar, though his […]

What are your plans for Halloween? We know, it’s a month away, but if you have kiddos, they’ve been asking for a month already. The CDC has released a new guidance for Halloween and other fall celebrations like Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah,  Día de Muertos, and more. The CDC says that a lot of typical Halloween […]

2020 has been a lot of things, but fine isn’t one of them. The “This is Fine” meme has been used more in the last 6 months than even before according to a fact I totally just made up. via GIPHY Based on KC Green’s Gunshow comic strip “On Fire,” this dog is all of us right […]

It was certainly different this year but some moments it almost seemed like a normal year at last night’s Emmys. Jimmy opened up the show with the question we’ve all had: Why are we having a live awards show during a pandemic? A few hours before the show, it was announced that Giuliana Rancic and […]

ICYMI, Apple had their big commercial… err event yesterday and they have lots of new ways to take your money. Have an hour to burn? You can stream the entire event HERE. One big focus was the Apple Watch. Series 6 will now measure your blood oxygen level and other advances in fitness monitoring. The […]

There may not be bevvies and bands in tents with crowds this year, but Applefest USA found ways to hold some events and an amazing idea for a fundraiser!We talked to King Apple Tent Chair, Tammy Stremcha, about how to get our hands on a box of Applefest goodness and the other events they’re still […]

You’ve been waiting to see her live but, #coronavirus ugh. The wait is almost over as Live Nation announced Megan Thee Stallion will be doing a livestream performance this Saturday at 5 pm Central. Is it free? No, but it’s only $15! Grab the full deets and tickets HERE! View this post on Instagram Hot […]

Growing up in Milwaukee, I loved The Exclusive Company! It was the place for my friends and I to go on new release day. I can still hear their radio commercial in my head… that’s not the point of this story, though. Taylor Swift, in typical T-Swift fashion, wanted to help small businesses so she […]

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