Can’t wait for Season 3 of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+? Me either, but a surprise Christmas short will help tie us over. In a new Rankin and Bass looking […]

TikTok user Jarrod Bell, a Councillor in Australia, has started a new conspiracy – Cadbury’s chocolate Santas are BUNNIES! After watching the videos, I have to agree with him. Are […]

You might be cooking your own holiday dinner this year, possibly for the first time. Maybe you’re just looking for a new side dish or appetizer. Luckily, we had the […]

The Elf on the Shelf hasn’t been allowed in our building for safety reasons. Grant thought we needed some holiday cheer, so he put on the new PJs and spread […]

National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day is coming up on Friday, December 18th! Most years, we’d want to throw a big party where everyone can compete to see who has the […]

It’s inevitable. Sometime during this holiday season, you’re going to have a heated discussion with a friend or relative. Whether it’s due to a few adult beverages or the stress […]

The La Crosse Jaycees has been running the Toys For Tots program for over 80 years! Their annual Toy Drive is at the Radisson in downtown La Crosse today, Saturday, 11/21, til 4p […]

Apparently General Mills thinks we need more sugar in our lives. They have a new cereal for the holidays inspired by 2003’s Elf movie. There’s now spaghetti but it tastes […]

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