Written by on July 7, 2023

We’ve seen this situation a thousand times on sitcoms over the years. You never really expect it see it happen in real life.

Jerry Melsness has been a bus driver for Eau Claire transit for seven months and on June 30th, he found himself in a real interesting circumstance on a rather typical day.

According to WQOW:

“I was probably about three quarters into my run, then I picked up a very pregnant lady,” Melsness said. “Probably about five minutes after that, I dropped a gentleman off at a stop. My bus was parked and she screamed a couple of times so then I went and asked her if she was okay. She said she’s fine.”

Soon after, the woman told Melsness that she wanted to go to the hospital but he told her the next bus was about 30 minutes away. So they hunkered in the bus stop shelter, she shouted that she felt the baby coming, and according to Jerry, quote, “And then the rest is history.”

When asked if he’d ever assisted in a baby being delivered before, Melsness said, “I’ve got three daughters so I’ve seen all three of my daughters being born.”

Three days later, he’d run into the woman again on his bus route and mom and baby are doing just fine!

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