Author: Brittany Styles

You can spend hours at Target…often. You find all the things on your list and then all of those other things that somehow just land in your cart. Oops! Well, maybe this should land in your cart the next time you’re at Target! View this post on Instagram 👀🙋‍♀️ #ohtarget margaritas ready to pour, no […]

Thank you. Here’s why… May 2, 2020 would have been an exciting day for the Z93 Morning Buzz. We would have gone to an awards gala hosted by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, as one of the top three candidates for Best Morning Show in Wisconsin. COVID-19 had a different plan. Just like all other events, […]

You want to practice social distancing, but you also want to have some fun this weekend! We get it, and you can do both. This weekend would have been Riverfest and other 4th of July Celebrations. You can still celebrate…but you need to be safe and smart about it. If you do choose to have […]

Imagine this. You’re blindfolded and taken to a location where you will meet your date. You’ve never met this person, you know nothing about them, but you’ve agreed to a photo session with them! WHAAAAAAT?! Two singles signed up for this dating/photography experience with McCaffry Photography LLC in Indiana, and what happened was unexpected to […]

As a performer myself, it’s been a long 3 months of not being able to perform with my two bands, Pick6 and Nightcap. With the Coronavirus intruding on our lives, there are a lot of theatres, concert halls, and venues closed down. I think that’s why this story really gave me all the feels. Barcelona’s […]

You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. Excruciating pain, and sometimes almost unbearable. You want to curl up in a ball and never leave your bed. Sometimes, you can’t get up. Endometriosis affects approximately one in 10 women during their reproductive years, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  As a woman who […]

How do you make a beach with cheerios you ask? Well, a mom on TikTok decided to take Cheerios, put them in a blender, and use them for sand in a cute little, make shift, sandbox! Brilliant! When her toddler decides to put the “sand” in her mouth (cause they always do), it won’t be […]

The beautiful Kickapoo River waves gently crashing against your canoe on a sunny afternoon! Sounds like a pretty decent time, right?! You should check out Kickapoo Wild Adventures for your next canoe, kayak, or tubing experience! It’s a short 45 minute drive from La Crosse, and well worth it! We Zoomed with the owner, Shaun, […]

Smashed fresh blackberries, mint, lime, vodka, ginger beer, and bubbly champagne! Doesn’t that sound delicious and refreshing? That’s a blackberry champagne mule, and it’s just one of the tasty summer cocktail recipes we found. You could definitely make some of them mocktails too! CLICK HERE for the full list of summer beverages! Metal straws are also […]

Using excessive heat on your hair can be damaging, and nobody wants that! As you’ve seen on social media, there are lot of other ways to get curls or waves without using heat! Socks, straws, robe ties…the list goes on. I decided to try the socks method! Here’s what happened… First of all, once I […]


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