Author: Brittany Styles

The word cheugy, pronounced choogy, describes millennials who are untrendy, outdated, or trying too hard. It’s another way to say “basic”. Gen Z has taken this to a whole new level on social media. And now everyone is asking the question…am I a cheug? @rod the update you didn’t want but you need ##millennial ##thoughts […]

I can’t even remember what I did yesterday and this guy is memorizing 200 different handshakes to make his students feel appreciated and special. Wow. Teachers are incredible heroes, and this guy is certainly one of them! View this post on Instagram A post shared by David Jamison (@thedopeeducator) David Jamison is a 5th grade […]

I personally don’t know much about the American fashion designer, Halston, but I know that Ewan McGregor‘s adaptation is captivating! Roy Halston Frowick, more commonly known as Halston, was an American fashion designer who became an international sensation in the 1970s. According to Wikipedia, Halston achieved great fame after designing the pillbox hat Jacqueline Kennedy wore to her […]

Do you ever really pay attention to where you park at the grocery store? Do you have a favorite spot? You might be inspired to try this! Gareth Wild is a dad from London and like many of you, the tedious job of going to the grocery store each week has weighed on him. He […]

If you know anything about Kelly Clarkson, then you know she is extremely competitive when playing games! Check this out and see how you do! Told ya she’s competitive. Super fun game. Hope you got all of them right! Cover Photo by Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP

I think I’ve now seen it all. I’ve never heard of someone trying to ‘sell their wedding’ but Mackenzie Newcomb is doing just that! According to Insider, “Mackenzie Newcomb planned her wedding at a Brooklyn venue, but after moving out of New York during the coronavirus pandemic, she and her now-husband got married in an intimate ceremony […]

I have to be honest, AJ is my favorite Backstreet Boy. Always has been, always will be. In fact, I got a meet him for a brief second and touch his arm (swoon) after one of their shows! I vowed I’d never wash my arm again…lucky for everyone around me, I didn’t follow through on […]

If you’re not following Jennifer Garner on Instagram, make it happen. You’ll thank me later. She is hilarious and her latest Instagram video shows us how to make Maple Butter. It does look pretty delicious! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) And if you’re looking for a fun movie […]

This is fantastic! The latest ASOS ad is gaining attention on social media for all the right reasons. The shopping site recently posted a photo of a model wearing a mushroom charm earring but if you look a little closer you’ll see that the model seems to be wearing a cochlear implant, a surgically implanted electronic […]

Anderson Cooper started his guest host slot on Jeopardy this week, and his son got to see him on TV for the first time! Anderson explained on Instagram that his son has never watched him on TV, and showed this adorable picture of him tuning in! View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]

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